Cheetah and African Cat Rehabilitation and Interaction

Wow, what an opportunity!
The whole experience went a bit against the grain since going up and stroking a wild animal, even if it was ‘tame,’ was against everything Tommy had taught us.
The keeper, Michael, was so casual about chucking meat into the enclosures to show off the tallents of the African Wild Cats and the Caracal whilst we were in there with them, it unnerved a few of us, surely these animals are still slightly unpredictable? Jennifer found out the hard way when she stroked an eating caracal that turned around and hissed at her, not very pleasant when you’ve just seen the same animal tear up chicken with its teeth that are now bared at you.
Getting so close to the animals was incredible and no one could say they’d pass up the experience!
The cheetahs were so calm (other than when Tommy’s phone rang- with a zebra call for a ring tone) that it was surreal to be so closed to the super fast hunters. We also got to see this year’s offspring so far, although holding the slightly over grown serval ‘kittens’ was a bit too obscure for some of us.
I thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and would love to stroke a cheetah again although I will be keeping my hands and feet inside the vehicle at all times on tomorrow’s game drive.
Susan xxx
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  1. Keremcem says:

    I teach high school gehoarpgy and I always take a trip with my students in the last month of school. Only those students with a B or better average are allowed to take the trip. You would be amazed at the kids who are able to keep this grade up even when other classes are c or below. I have never been to South Africa, but I would love to make the trip. I wonder how the kids would react to the chance to go on a safari? I bet I have the highest grades in the school. We’ll have to plan for the trip all year and make sure passports are in place. Several fund raisers throughout the year will pay for most of the trip. I can hardly wait for the first day of school to let the kids know what our destination is.

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