Educational Elephant Interaction

Yesterday we encountered elephants from various distances including 10 to 20 meters away, but today we took it to a whole new level!
When I heard elephant interaction I thought “the reserve staff will feed them and give us demonstrations ” we got there, weather still poor so the morale was running a little low, then little Jabulani appeared and put smiles across faces.
And I was completely wrong about my interpretation of elephant interaction.  We were sat waiting for a short talk about elephants which turned out to be one of the most informative and enjoyable talks I’ve ever heard, the elephant  history and it’s mechanics is mesmerising. But…
Who would think such a large, heavy animal would be able to function how it does, the way it’s body has similarity to ours, how smart some of its bodily functions operate. It looks so ruff and ragged then but it’s not, an elephant is a mammal of many tricks….
Elephant interaction_south_africa_cadets_student_groups2
We went to see Rambo in three’s, we’ve seen plenty animals up close and personal but the elephant tops It all. Moments like placing food onto his tongue is one going to be  with  the group for a life time, south Africa is a place that never fails to surprise, the opportunity of a life time that will never come about again.
Elephant interaction_south_africa_cadets_student_groups1
Highlight of the day has to Katy being splattered with mud by Rachel :p
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