Most frequently asked questions….
  • When do we leave?

As soon as you like! Weather wise – you’ll be able to have great weather somewhere in Southern Africa at any time of the year. Please be advised that you need to book well in advance though for the Christmas and Easter holiday times.

  • Are you sure it is safe?

We know you have probably heard a lot of crime stories about South Africa. In fact one of the questions you’re bound to be asked is: Isn’t it dangerous? All we can say is that while South Africa does have a problem with crime it is generally no worse than many other countries – go to the wrong places in London, New York or anywhere else for that matter and you can have the same problems. You do need to be aware and take basic precautions against crime, of course and listen to advice from locals.

  • Which are the best parks to visit?

Ooh – this is a tough one! All the different parks have different things to offer. Some have stunning landscapes, others have huge herds of animals, while others are more likely to guarantee you the animals you’re likely to want to see. Of course, it’s also subjective. In South Africa we love Hluhluwe/Umfolozi Park best of all. The reasons are that it is filled with stunning hills and valleys, is small enough to get around without driving yourself to death, and is packed with wildlife – but is also not too full of other people on safari.

  • Malaria Muthi – Yes? No? Maybe?

(Muthi means medicine in the Zulu language, by the way.)  Malaria is a very nasty and not to be taken likely. If you will be going into a malarial area on your trip we recommend you take prophylactics. Consult a decent doctor on the subject and get the one to suit you best. One word of advice – get the full run-down on side effects before taking mefloquine – they can be nasty. For up to date information: http://www.malaria.org.za/Malaria_Risk/Risk_Maps/risk_maps.htm

  • What is the most dangerous animal we are likely to find when walking?

Our camp has differing opinions on this question. Buffalo can be unpredictable and very grumpy. They are also HUGE. Black Rhino are renowned for being quite temperamental too. But, game walks here are always lead by experienced guides who will not willingly lead you into danger, and very few incidents occur.

  • Are there snakes/spiders/evil creepy-crawlies?

Snakes: Yes, quite a few, but you’re not likely to see any unless you go looking for them. Most snakes here are small and non-venomous. We happen to really like snakes – if you do too, we can offer specialist herpetological tours. Spiders: some, and only a couple are poisonous. Evil creepy-crawlies: there are some that LOOK pretty evil! But don’t panic!