Kayak – St Lucia & Kosi Bay

Kayaking is a fast growing water sport that will open up a whole new world of adventure for all types of people. Ideal for anyone from the adrenalin junkies in search of a thrill to the relaxed explorer wanting to broaden their own horizon of experiences.

When last did you do something for the first time ? – beginners welcome!


St Lucia

Sea Kayaking is energetic and thrilling. On buoyant plastic molded Kayaks take on the large and small waves for fast, fun filled alternatives to surfing.

Lake St Lucia on the Elephant Coast of South Africa is part of a World Heritage Site to protect the diversity of fauna, flora and natural systems which make this area a unique gem in the Maputuland crown

Kayaking on the estuary portion of Lake St Lucia with Hippos and Crocs at a safe distance is a great way to view water birds and get down to the mangrove roots level.

Mudskippers, fiddler crabs, whelks and fossil oyster beds are all part of the kayaking experience!

Get wet in the Wetlands!!

St Lucia Kayaking products:

  • Full day Eastern Shores (Paddling, snorkeling and sea kayaking for the brave!)
  • Honeymoon Bend Paddle
  • Sunrise and Sunset Paddles
  • Umfolozi River Expeditions
  • Overnight packages including snorkeling, horse riding and some surf paddling

Should you wish to Kayak in other areas of Africa be sure to try the following:

  • Blyde river Canyon
  • Cape Town, Sea kayaking experience
  • Berg River
  • Duzi River

Let us assist in getting you to other international kayaking destinations include:

  • Kayaking Malawi
  • Mana Pools Kayaking – Wilderness safaris.
  • Swaziland … Swazi Trails
  • Kayaking in Madagascar.
  • Kayaking in Mozambique

Contact us to put together a kayaking packed tailor made holiday for you… There are so many fantastic options for flat water and sea kayaking!

When last did you do something for the first time ? – beginners welcome!


Kosi Bay

As the holders of the only Kayaking concession at Kosi Bay we proudly welcome you to come and explore the waterways of the Kosi Bay Lakes. Search for the five different mangrove species and a host of South African and Mozambique birds as you paddle along in your sea kayak. Don’t forget to paddle through the surf to check out the offshore reefs.