Kosi Bay Ecological Education

Thursday 25th

Last night Katy made a big mistake… She told us she and tommy were going to see the sunrise at the beach this morning. To her disappointment all nine of us were up at 5.45 to join them (instead of lying in until they got back) so her peaceful morning on the beach was ruined. Tommy power-walked us to the coast 3.5km from camp, we made it in under half an hour and surprisingly it was worth the rush to get there just as the sun was beginning to peer through the clouds on the horizon. Eventually we all braved an early morning dip which turned out to be amazing and well worth it. The quiet paradise at the mouth of the estuary meant we all thought we were in some kind of movie (well they will be if my head cam recorded it all). We power walked back for breakfast, only stopping briefly to look at the ruins of the old villages and school.

Fed and watered we headed back to the beach.  The tide was still going out and in the 3 hour gap between leaving and returning to the beach it looked completely different, so much water had gone that there were little islands dotted around in the estuary mouth.  Tommy demonstrated how strong the currents leading out of the estuary by standing in the water and looking like he was about to be swept away. Whilst we paddled in the calmer waters we found all sorts of organisms from blue bottle jelly fish to sea urchins (although we only found the sea urchin because it was attached to Will (scarlet)).

Before lunch we headed over to the fish traps. Tommy taught us about how they are built and the way they ‘accidentally’ practice conservation. The traps are designed to allow small, juvenile fish through but trap the large fish. The fish are trapped in a small, high walled part of the trap where they are the speared, in our case by Jared. 

This evening we were treated to a braai by Tommy as it’s his last proper night with us and our last night at Kosi. As it is his birthday soon we have given him a card featuring the Mega four. To say thank you we had also pitched in to get a bottle of wine and his favourite tequila. 

Successful day with an interesting evening, the details of which I cannot tell you. 


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