St Lucia Town and a Walk in the Wetland Park

Walking through the streets of St Lucia today was eye opening seeing the different trades and local people during their everyday life. Wandering around the craft markets and seeing all the colourful cloths and jewellery was brilliant.
It was great to see the crafts being made then buy something made locally, however we had to drag Kayleigh away from buying the entire market!
The walk we did around the game park was very memorable being able to get closer to the impala and thankfully seeing buffalo from a large distance! Staying alert at all times scanning the area for animals required a lot of concentration and we were always looking out for buffalo as we lost sighting of them in the game park.
Every time we do a walk we see different animals and today we saw a herd of zebra which was – although from a distance – fascinating.
I find learning about not only the animal but the plants too really interesting and can’t wait to get out and do more walks in the game park!
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