Travel to Elandsheim, history talk and fireball hockey – Sunday 28th

After finishing up our trip on the Pongola river, we began our journey to Elandsheim. Five hours later, having climbed several feet in to the mountainous landscapes we arrived to find our accomodation was even better than the last. Two storey cabins were definitely not expected; with the beautiful scenery and serenity of the site, it really is a great place to finish up our final days in South Africa.
We began our time here with a good old English cup of tea from Reggie and a  lesson  as to the history of South Africa, providing us with the introductory knowledge to assist our site-seeing tomorrow. After filling ourselves up on a lovely meal, we were ready for the famous expedition game of fireball hockey. Splitting ourselves in to teams, and a quick on the spot risk assessment from Reggie we began our game. It is extremely ironic we cannot snorkel, however a hockey ball soaked in fuel seems to be acceptable, guess Health and Safety doesn’t cover Reggie’s hobbies! After a very short, but very excitable game we ended for the evening, looking forward to the days ahead.
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