Volunteer in South Africa



Do you want to work as a volunteer?
We have positions for a number of volunteers each year.

What can I do?

We have three different exciting programmes in the pipeline at the moment, and all will be available soon!

Working with Lion cubs
Volunteer at the Centre for the Rehabilition Of Wildlife
Work at a rural school

You can work either primarily in the community, or in the reserves assisting with conservation and wildlife research. From tracking to fence mending, each day is likely to be full of surprises!

Please see the below for more information and contact us if you are interested.

Community volunteer information

Research conservation



Lion Volunteer Programme

Lions, white lions and even tigers are waiting for you to come and play with them! You never know what will happen, in the few days we were checking the site we had to rescue some newborn cubs who had been rejected by their mum and threatened by another member of the pride. Poor little things! Newborn cubs are so very very cute, I dare you not to get attached in a few minutes.
More information on our lion volunteer projects



 CROWCentre for the Rehabilitation Of Wildlife

What a variety of animals are to be found at this rehab centre! From the very very small to whole troops of baboons, there is something to fall in love with. From day to day you can see you are making a difference to helping these wild creatures from the quickly rehabilitated, the very sick and the permanent residents.



Rural school and cultural programmes

See the smiles on the childrens faces in one of our rural schools as you provide them with memories they will never ever forget. Painting a classroom, building a climbing frame or spending 3 days just playing games and singing are all things previous volunteers have done with us.