Wilderness Trail Day 1

The camp is a small and comfortable lodge, surrounded by a single fence. Inside is the  main building which reminds me of an old cabin, a simple building which serves its purpose.


The premises is full of vibrant and colourful plants, and an amazing open toilet, by open I mean it’s literally a toilet with three sides… Man when having a no.2 it gets breezy!

The view from the toilet

The view from the toilet

The shower is next to it and is warmed by paraffin. Over all the camp has everything we need, complete with a watch tower which I will be using tonight at 10.30-1am.

The afternoon bush walk was taken by two new guides, Tommy took the afternoon off and cooked tea for when we got back… Nothing like warm food after a long wet walk. The warm chicken stew [potjie – pronounced poy-key] made me feel like I was in france sitting in a gourmet restaurant.

The walk started off fairly wet but it was still a road rather than path, as the walk developed the road disappeared and thickness of the mud developed, which in turn stuck more and more to our shoes. Hopefully the weather will be a lot dryer tomorrow.

During the walk we found the tracks of a black rhino! That built up hopes as we followed them for the next 20 minutes or so, however we never did see any 🙁 in total we saw wildebeast, a dead monkey ( poor ill dude), guineafowl , warthog, and impala.

Half way though the walk we were all given a nice taste challenge, Zee (one of the guides) picked off lots of leaves off one particular tree. The leave tasted salty bitter and sour, not the best thing I’ve ever had… Anyway the plant was called elephant pudding and to be honest I think I’ll leave it all to the elephants, wouldn’t want to steal their pudding!

Over all the walk was long and tiresome but definitely worth it. We’re all looking forward to tomorrows walk.

Hope Everyone is having a good time back in England!
Regards Will. 🙂

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